The fight business is a unique world with a unique set of rules and legal considerations. Working in the “business of fighting” can mean countless hours in the gym developing skills as a fighter, managing the careers of several fighters at a time while running your business, or promoting events and securing bouts and matches. Poor legal representation can negatively affect your bottom line as a fighter, promoter or manager. Contract drafting, negotiations and disputes should be left to a skilled and knowledgeable attorney  who understands the combat sports industry and who can work to ensure you are getting the best deals possible. Call us TODAY. Doolkadir Law currently represents world champion fighters and promoters. We’re not afraid to get in the cage or the ring for our clients…add us to your roster.

General representation of athlete, promoter, manager, or event facility

Drafting and Negotiation of promotion contracts and management contracts

Updating and Amending current contracts

Terminating or Release of current contracts

Immigration filings for travel to the US for athletic events

General Counsel services

Litigation & Administrative Hearings