Can Doolkadir Law still represent me if I live outside of Florida?
AIn certain instances we are able to represent people or businesses outside of Florida. We will need some more information from you to know for sure. Call our offices to set up a consultation to learn how.

I want to start my own record label, should I hire a lawyer?
AStarting any business can be risky but a record label has special legal considerations. You should always consult a licensed entertainment or business attorney to ensure you are taking the right steps to secure your label.

Can I use online forms to represent myself?
ABeware that trying to handle legal problems if you are not an attorney can be risky. Everyone’s legal issue is unique and forms may not always take that into consideration. While there are many resources available to individuals like mediation or small claims court, consulting with an attorney BEFORE trying to represent yourself is the best course of action. The only individuals who can draft legal documents for other people or give legal advice are lawyers licensed to practice law. Any non-lawyer who drafts legal documents, gives legal advice, or gives the impression that they are an attorney when they are not may be guilty of the unauthorized practice of law.
Someone used my music without permission. Can I sue?
AIt depends on several factors. We’ll need some more information to know for sure. Contact us to discuss.

What should I bring with me to the consultation/first meeting?
ABe as organized as possible. If you have a complicated problem you may want to place different papers in different labeled folders to make documents easy to find. Make copies of papers that are important to your case. In most cases you will not be leaving your original documents with the attorney. Write down your questions before your visit.

Start the visit by briefly outlining your problems for the attorney and then ask the attorney for his/her advice. At this point the attorney may ask questions and/or wish to review your documents. Remember you and the attorney are on the same team. Be as truthful as possible. The conversation with the attorney is confidential.

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