SAE Miami has invited Doolkadir Law to head a series of workshops and seminars for engineers, songwriters, producers and artists interested in taking their creative talents to market. Jillene will walk them through incorporating and legitimately setting up their businesses, publishing deal basics and the mechanics of royalties.

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SAE has held its first workshop with Doolkadir and the turn out was better than anticipated by the firm. Doolkadir stressed to students the importance of setting up legitemate businesses to operate under and not neglecting the business side of their selected profession. She noted that many issues can arise when parties personally obligate themselves, contracts are foregone or incomplete and performance begins before being paid. Many attendees shared their “war stories” about getting burned in the industry because they just didn’t have the right information. The workshops and seminars aim to help those interested to avoid several pitfalls faced by many newcomers in the music industry.

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Attendees left with a sample agreement and were even advised on how to properly sign and endorse contracts under their new company names. Another workshop is scheduled for the end of June. 

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